New home linen ranges

Eco-responsible new products in the household linen sector

New home linen range

The new items for the 2022 fall winter season are coming out

Find the new trends in interior design through the Vivaraise and Winkler collections

Our brands evolve according to the seasons, inspirations and influences, but always with the aim of meeting your customers’ expectations.

You will discover in the course of the pages timeless basics as well as fancy creations, but this season represents a major turning point that we take together: that of the eco conception. You may have noticed in previous editions that our kitchen linen collections are inviting more and more eco-responsible materials into the production process. Recycled cotton and organic cotton have naturally come to complete the Winkler brand’s offer. We are now expanding this offer by integrating hemp, a natural, European-made and Oeko-tex certified material. The color of the new hand towels is revealed thanks to a clay dyeing process, a natural process limiting water consumption, and the recycled fiber has allowed the development of the first recycled polyester plaids at Vivaraise.

These novelties answer a real demand in the home linen sector, we hope you will take as much pleasure in highlighting them as our teams did in developing them. Find the Vivaraise catalog here and the Winkler flyer here.

Nice discovery !

anti bed bugs tips

Our anti-bedbug tips

anti bed bugs tips to care for your bed linen

March is synonymous with spring in the collective consciousness. However, the temperatures are still quite wintry and our homes are still a popular shelter for many pests. As linen specialists, we have taken an interest in bed bugs and in this article we share with you some natural tips that will be useful in the event of an infestation.

How do you know if you have bed bugs ?

Adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, unlike mites. They have a brown or dark red colour when they are bloody. They do not fly or jump. They are not necessarily found in unhygienic homes or in unclean environments. They are only attracted to humans, whose blood feeds them.

What attracts bedbugs ?

Bed bugs are attracted to heat, human odours and breath, and vibrations. They use the night to feed on our blood. They are usually concentrated in the bedroom, especially on mattresses, but can be found in all textiles in contact with humans.

How to get rid of bedbugs ?

Bed bugs are not heat resistant above 60°C. Wash all your textiles: bed linen, cushion covers, carpets at the foot of the bed, lint, etc. Use steam cleaner (between 110 and 180°C) to wash surfaces that cannot be washed in a washing machine: fabric headboards, large floor mats, carpets, curtains, etc. If you have an outdoor area, pour boiling water over the mattress and leave it to dry for a few days. This will remove any galleries and eggs laid.
Conversely, exposure to -20°C or colder for 5 consecutive days will eliminate bed bugs. For extreme cases and if you find yourself overwhelmed by the situation, the French government has set up a special number to call : 0806 706 806 (local call rate).

Our tips for preventing an infestation :

These preventive methods are effective and natural. However, they are not a guarantee that you will not be infested with bed bugs. Any warm home is a potential target for a bed bug seeking insulation from the cold. Outside of the pest season, you can find all our linen care tips here.

Développement durable

We talk about sustainable development at Sde

Sustainable development at Sde, supplier of household linen

In 2022, the CirCoAx and MakCCIng Durable programmes will move up a gear.

MakCCIng in a few words : how to meet present needs without compromising those of future generations ?

ECO-CONCEPTION, Maccking, Sde household linen A first coaching session was held at the head office at the end of January 2022. The team dedicated to the project was able to validate the company’s current positioning and define the areas for progress.

An action plan marked out by stages with strategic stakes: building customer loyalty, cost control, maintaining innovation, renewing the offer, uniting the teams, integrating recycling and waste management in our premises and those of our suppliers.

Each stage of a product’s life cycle is analysed and improved in order to meet eco-design criteria. This multi-criteria approach aims to limit environmental impacts at all levels: human health, biodiversity and the eco-system.

We are currently in the first phase, which consists of analysing the existing situation, the basis for our action plan. You, as our client, were sent our survey at the beginning of January 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants, whose answers have fed our thinking. Accompanying our customers in their choices, communicating in the right way while maintaining this environmental awareness, these are the main axes around which we are thinking.

What about CirCoAx ?

CIRCOAX for Sde's designer of eco-responsible household linenThis unique support programme aims to transform our textile business into a sustainable, circular and regenerative business. Sde has been selected along with 30 other European MSEs and SMEs to receive support from industry experts. Their common goal is to create a business model that has a direct impact on the adoption of sustainability and circularity practices.

Do you share this vision ? Follow us and let’s work together for a better world.

Entretenir son linge de maison

How to care for your home linen ?

Home linen

7 tips for my linen

The holiday season is over, the Christmas decorations have been put away, and white january is upon us. Sde offers you a few tips to help you in this new year start.

1/ Soak your laundry before the first use

For softer and more absorbent laundry, soak it overnight in cold water. This has the advantage of prolonging the brilliance of the colours.

2/ Wash bed linen together

Each component of the same set will keep the same aspect and the rendering will be more harmonious on a bed as it is washed. Ideally, if you can think of it, you should wash the bed linen inside out. While this may be a bit tricky, it makes it easier to put on the duvet cover, which is already inside out.

3/ Read the care label carefully

This allows you to adapt the washing temperature to the quality of the clothes. Clothes washed at the wrong temperature will be damaged more quickly.

4/ Separate the laundry

Sorting according to colour prevents clothes from bleeding. Sorting according to material prevents artificial fibres from mixing with natural fibres. It is recommended to wash separately clothes with accessories that can damage the most fragile fibres: zips, velcro, bra hooks, etc. Once again, these small precautions will allow you to extend the life of your clothes.

5/ Treating the stains

Using a natural stain remover (such as beef ball soap) before washing increases the chances of removing the stain. A washed and ironed stain is printed :-/

6/ The ideal drying

Dry outdoors whenever possible. This will naturally give the linen a fresh smell, especially tablecloths and bed linen. The tumble dryer is interesting for all terry cloths, which will come out much softer and smoother.

7/ Minimalist ironing

Don’t leave your clothes to dry for too long or they will become too cardboardy. If possible, iron it when it is still a little damp, as this will make the chore lighter. The most effective secret lies in the art of hanging out your washing, which, if it is optimal, will exempt you from any ironing 😉

The new home linen collection

Happy new year