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French design, manufacture
and know-how

Our textile ranges are printed with water-based, environmentally friendly inks.
Our sales documentation is printed on 100% recycled paper by "Imprim'vert".

We sell national French products and make a point of ensuring they are made in France. Moreover, we were awarded the Origine France Garantie* certification in July 2013.
*Excluding gloves and aprons in the Pep’s range..

label Origine France Garantie

We are therefore promoting the entire heritage of our country:
Its wine, its regional specialities and its historical heritage, as well as its industrial expertise, particularly in the textile industry.

We cultivate excellent relations with our partners:
Our contact is direct and personal, and we listen actively to their remarks and suggestions.

We foster a climate of trust and a long-term relationship with our suppliers, to ensure that the products we sell are of impeccable quality and that our service continues to be excellent.